Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Listing still

I am a sucker for lists so Uncut magazine's latest, "150 Albums of the Decade" is good fun to digest.

Forty-two of my purchases in that period are included in the magazine's collection, more than 42 probably aren't, but that doesn't matter. These are not serious, definitive lists in any sense. They are good for discussions, arguments and overall a chance to talk nonsense about music in general.

Artistes I really like, such as Jim White, Morrissey, Steve Earle don't rate a mention but that doesn't make me want to vent a fury against the magazine in any way or cancel my subscription. After all, critical reviews rarely put me off an album, although when Ryan Adams released "Rock n' Roll," the critics did unanimously give it a pasting, I ignored the warnings and the CD was truly awful and has been played only once in this household.

Looking over the Uncut list over my porridge and toast in the morning has been enjoyable. As the year/decade end approaches, I'm looking forward to more lists, musically.


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