Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eye opener

I do listen to a lot of music from a range of styles. Lately, for example, I’ve been playing Spiritualized, Sam Baker, Richmond Fontaine, Eilen Jewell - excellent live, incidentally - and Ian McNabb with my usual favourites, Neil Young, Tom Waits and Morrissey, as well as The Smiths. A class selection.

But, somehow or other, there is a band I’ve not been involved with though selected tracks over the years have intrigued and pleased me. Indeed, my middle son, Martin, included them in a compilation CD a few years back. And I have no idea how I have become interested again of late.

This has happened quite a few times in my music listening lifetime – Tom Waits, Richard Thompson, John Prine and even, it must be said, Dylan as plenty of chums were major followers while I played catch-up.

And so it is now with Eels.

Yes, “Novocaine for the Soul” has been on the turntable many times over the years but I’ve not bought a single Eels” CD ever. Spotify has been filling in the gaps, admirably and enjoyably.

So, do I go for a compilation or work through the back catalogue? Any advice anyone? I note a new release is due in the New Year, but I want to make that my latest, not the first. Thank you for suggestions.

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