Monday, November 02, 2009

No Reply

I have been quite taken aback recently about the attitude of some businesses to the prospect of potential new work. It astonishes me how sloppy some are when new opportunities arise.

I have been looking to discuss the staging of a charity event on behalf of one of my clients with companies offering that expertise. Responding to messages in email and voicemail format, clearly, doesn't seem to be a priority for a few companies.

Several have yet to respond to my inquiries, lodged two weeks ago. If they are too busy, I’m pleased for them, but I’m busy, too, and I’ve been making return calls to prospective new clients. I’m delighted they are considering using my services.

A courtesy call or an email to say ‘we can't take on new work’ is preferable to a stony silence any day.

Basically, it's a form of the rudeness in my book.

Can businesses afford to ignore potential new income? I very much doubt it.

To those who have replied to my specific inquiry, I thank you.

And I WILL be in touch.

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