Friday, November 13, 2009


TIME is a four-letter word.

There’s not enough of it in the day, we observe often, unless you’re a Dr Who-like Time Lord.

But I noticed a recent and interesting survey - - saying that the average Scot would like an extra 104 minutes a day to find time for family, friends and fitness.

One Hundred and Four Minutes - that’s longer than a football match, about three CDs worth, a normal telephone call between my wife and her sister, or five episodes of The Simpsons, roughly.

In Glasgow, according to the survey, we would like an extra 95 minutes every day while our good neighbours along the M8 in Edinburgh would welcome an additional 113.

Because of increasing work and business commitments, free time is crucial so what do you think you would do with that “extra” time each day if you had it?

Sleep would be the quick answer in our household given our darling, three-year-old son, Adam’s unpredictability when it comes to going to bed and sleeping through. If that were resolved, the mythical “extra” time would be great for my wife, Maggie and I to unwind, watch a DVD film (I think I remember them) or laze around and chat.

At weekends, the “extra” time could be spent with Adam as he explores his world, creating games and lots of happiness, as well as fitting in visits to or from friends.

Selfishly, I would try to listen to more music, live or recorded - at the moment there are four unopened CDs on my desk, one has been there for over a month. Reading more would be great, too. Mastering social media more quickly and confidently would also be high on my agenda.

The survey is a clever way for Indesit to plug its “time-saving” products with an actor from Coronation Street at the helm and, as a PR chap, I applaud the company and its brains behind this project.

Finally, I don’t like to think I’m wasting precious minutes writing on this topic. So, if anyone reading this has the spare time - I know, what’s that? - I’d be interested to learn how others might use any “extra” time in their day-to-day lives.

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  1. Spare time? Spare me. Kids going to this and that, thank god for books and mp3. I would need an extra 3 hours during the week and 3 on Saturdays.