Thursday, September 24, 2009


This, my second blog, has been written on the day I attended a social media event in Glasgow city centre. It was interesting and certainly opened my eyes to all sorts of communications’ possibilities. I had been aware of most of them but a closer look is essential, clearly.

Clearly, keeping a blog alive and up to date is important, so no pressure. Since my first effort earlier this week, I have been pleased with the positive feedback but now I must master ways of extending the network of people able to read it. Not going for mass circulation or anything like that but sharing a few random thoughts is a pleasing idea, although I suppose that’s for others to judge.

The appearance of my blog also comes during a landmark period for the Ritchie household. My darling wife, Maggie has become a student again as she’s started a part-time Creative Writing course at Glasgow University. It’s something she’s long considered so I really hope she’ll enjoy the experience and, of course, write that best seller.

And our three-year-old son, Adam has completed his first two weeks at nursery, which, apart from natural separation anxieties, he seems to be enjoying. With Mummy at Uni, it means I’ve been flying solo when it comes to his teatime, bath-time and bedtime activities this week - and it’s been fun with hardly any “where’s Mummy?” questions.

Highlight? This definitely came on Wednesday evening when I went to the kitchen to make our pasta pesto, leaving him in the sitting room in the company of ‘Fireman Sam” on DVD. Adam suddenly appeared at the kitchen door to tell me he was “missing me” although I’d only been away from him less than a minute. Huge hugs followed. A happy note to end on, I think you’ll agree.

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