Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Food For Thought

This is my first blog submission so it seems natural to start on a subject I enjoy - food.

Having just returned from a family break in Majorca, I am astonished at the great value lunches we enjoyed there. Not only great value but also very satisfying.

Paella, followed by fresh fish (whole sea bass, one day) then a pudding, a bottle of wine and a litre and a half bottle of still water cost NINE Euros per head, yes, equivalent to £9 each. You can't buy a bottle of wine in a restaurant here for nine quid, can you? Bottles of water are pricey here, too.

The food was always served piping hot, our three-year-old son was welcomed with open arms and departed licking a free ice cream most days. Not surprisingly, the family-run restaurant was always busy with local residents, in particular. Prices went up at the weekend, but that's understandable. One Sunday lunch table was set for 50 folk.

It makes me think that bit harder about going out for a meal here in Glasgow, where there are some excellent restaurants but they come at a price. There are also some less good establishments with charges they don't merit.

So, it will be sometime before we venture out to eat in the city - the pleasant dining hangover from Majorca hasn't worn off yet.

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